CCA Annual Picnic 2011

This year’s picnic was held at Little Bow Provincial Park (Vulcan/Champion AB), on Saturday, August 6th. 2011.

About 120 people showed up, some taking the arranged bus, and some choosing to drive the hour and a half through central Alberta to the orchard-like atmosphere and beauty of Travers Reservoir and Little Bow.

The day started out with overcast skies and little on the cool side, but by 11:00 am the sun came out and the temperature rose to make it an absolutely fantastic day for a picnic.

Young and old enjoyed themselves, with the kids spending most of the day in the lake and the adults either engaged in a game of “dog and the bone” (which I must say brought about and intrigued many spectators), or wrapped up in a game of tombola.

Brunch of “green chutney” sandwiches and lunch of chicken biriyani was served, and just when we felt like we needed our afternoon nap, there was tea and cake.

The committee would once again like to thank all those who came out to support them and  the association and to also make the picnic an enjoyable one.

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