Father’s Day At Calaway Park 2012

The Canorient Christian Association (CCA) committee hosted their first official event of 2012 by celebrating “Dad’s Day” at Calaway Park.Fathers Day

We hope all the dads had a fantastic time on their special day. It was good to see such a great turnout, with almost 70 people in attendance. The kids had a blast, and even though the mums and dads probably wouldn’t admit it, we’re sure they too had an awesome time. I mean after all aren’t we just kids at heart.

Mother Nature, must be partial to dads, as she too played her part. The thunderstorms stayed away and the sunshine helped everyone dry off, especially after a very wet Log Ride, which is always a family favourite.

Taking advantage of a leisurely Sunday, members entered the park at different times throughout the morning, met up and had their choice of lunch, and then gathered again for tea/snacks at the Explorers shelter and left when they were all tuckered out.

Pictures have been uploaded to Facebook; view them here.

The committee would like to thank all those that attended the event, and hope to see everyone at the Stampede Dance on July 7th 2012.

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